PUBG Tourney

 Saturday, August 18th at 7pm PST

Odder Squad’s FIRST annual

ODDER SQUAD invitational!!

This will be a PUBG Duos Tournament where the winners will walk away with a hot off the press AAA title of their Choice.

The Rules in this tournament are as follows.

  • You and your partner must be registered with a team name picked by Saturday August 11th to participate.
  • Both members must have been a part of the discord for at least 15 days.

  • There must not be ANY toxicity or Negativity within this contest. We are all in this to have fun and I expect you all to feel the same.
  • Admins and mods may not win a prize, and if one were to win the tourney, another game will be held subsequent. If an admin or mod pairs with a member and wins, the member gets the game and we will host a solos game to follow.
  • I have to state the obvious, no cheats, mods or exploits those caught cheating will be banned from the tourney and possibly the discord.
  • There will be a total of 4 games: 1 warm up round & three placement rounds.
  • Being Late to the First round will get you disqualified.
    Starts at 7PM PST SATURDAY the 18th (if your teammate is late you may still participate as a solo team)


Points System:

1st Place – 125 Points
2nd Place – 100 Points
3rd Place – 90 Points
4th Place – 80 Points
5th Place – 70 Points
6th Place – 60 Points
7th Place – 50 Points
8th Place – 40 Points
9th Place – 30 Points
10th Place – 20 Points
11th – 15th Place – 15 Points
16th – 20th Place – 10 Points

Points per Kill: 5 Points

Good Game and Good Luck!